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acrontab at DESY in Zeuthen - User's Guide

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acrontab at DESY in Zeuthen - User's Guide

The acrontab command allows scheduling of cron jobs with valid AFS tokens.

General Notice

To execute a command periodically through acrontab it is necessary that you are allowed to use the acrontab service.
You get the permission only after a request to uco-zn@desy.de.

In order to use acrontab, the user must hold a valid Kerberos ticket, either through login or kinit.

You get the command usage by typing: acrontab -h or man acrontab
You can edit or create an acrontab file using acrontab -e, which opens your personal acrontab file in an editor. The preferred editor is taken from the contents of the variables $VISUAL or $EDITOR. If these variables are not set, then vi is invoked.

The format of the acrontab entries is the usual crontab one, except that the command MUST start with the IP node name of the host the command is to be executed on.
e.g.: 18 12 * * * myhost /usr/bin/tokens

For more information about the format of crontab entries please refer to man 5 crontab.

The following restrictions are known in comparison to crontab: