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Commercial Software


The computer center provides commercial software like different versions of Intel Compilers, Portland Group Compilers, Mathematica, Matlab and Maple. To get a complete list of installed commercial software on SL7 use the command:
module avail

To show the prepend path of a module use the command:
module show <modulefile>
One directory above the displayed prepend path you can find the documentation of this software.


For information and installation of available commercial software under Windows use the DSM Software Shop on your computer. You can only see programs that are currently enabled for your desktop. The complete list is available on this web page:

List of DSM Software (german)

CAD Systems are provided by the service group IPP, (Informationsmanagement, Prozesse, Projekte). The webpage of IPP offers more information:

List of supported CAD Systems (german)

In case of questions or problems please contact uco-zn@desy.de.