Multifunction Printers

Supported functions for multifunction printers are printing, copying and scan to Email.

Scan to E-Mail

  • Scan results will be sent by e-mail
  • Most scanners have a built in (LDAP) address book which does contain addresses of users having an account at DESY Zeuthen and a destination address located within DESY
  • E-mail addresses can be looked up from the installed addressbook or be entered manually too
  • E-mails can send only to DESY addresses or, and .
  • The e-mail with the scan results uses <printername> as sender address.
  • Color scans are possible on all devices, even on black/white printers.
  • Different Scan file formats are available : PDF(default), for single page TIFF or JPEG
  • The maximum file size is 45MB.
  • Brief instructions for a destination known in LDAP (possible for Ricoh MP C3300, MP C4000, MP 4001, MP C2800, MP C2050).
  1. place the original on the scanner
  2. press the “Scan” key (to the left of the display)
  3. select “Search Dest.” (at top center on display)
  4. select “Name” and enter the first characters of surname + ok
  5. “Start Search” (at bottom left on display)
  6. select address + ok
  7. press the green "Start" key (to the right of the display) start scanning
  8. place the next original within 60 s and press the green "Start" key if none, press the # key (to the right of display) to sending the result


Manuals and printer drivers can be found on the RICOH support webpages.