Hints for using DESY Notebooks in Zeuthen (Windows)

To improve security within the DESY network, notebook users have to observe the following rules.

Before traveling

  1. Connect the notebook with cable to the DESY net, logon at win domain with your account - WIN\<account>
    (Creates your local profile on the notebook, so you can logon later without network connection)
  2. During the first logon Netinstall/DSM installs the user specific parts for all preinstalled applications. This will take a while depending on the number of applications and its type. (All preinstalled applications etc. Microsoft Office will be configured and provided for use)
  3. Update Virus scan signatures (Click the right mouse button on the virus scan symbol or (down right), click "Update now”
  4. A yellow sign (also down right) means windows security patches are available for installation. Please install these updates! (Right mouse click on this icon)

Rules for network connected notebooks – everywhere in the world

  • Don’t disable the Virus scan! If the scanner is disabled, a red mark will appear on that icon Then click right mouse button: “Enable on access scan”
  • Don’t deactivate the windows firewall!
  • Update virus scan signatures always whenever possible! (See point 3 above)

Back at home - Important!

Please do not connect your notebook to the DESY network if you are not sure that it is not infected or compromised. In case of doubt take it to UCO for an offline virus check first!

  1. Connect the notebook to the network
  2. Update virus scan
  3. Install Microsoft security patches, if available (yellow shield – bottom right)