Remote Login

1. Connection with your local SSH Client
2. Web based client

To get access to the DESY Zeuthen network from outside you have to connect via SSH.
You could use your local ssh client or if you don't have one use the Web based client (see below).

1. Connection with your local SSH Client

The SSH is available from outside to DESY Zeuthen machines on the following public login hosts:

  • : you will be automatically forwarded to your group's working group server
  • (pub1-pub6) : old, legacy login nodes
  • : intended for i/o intensive data transfers

For security reasons SSH key-based authentication is not allowed for remote sessions from the Internet.

Login hosts offer two types of host identification keys: RSA & ED25519. Please find here the current fingerprints:

SSH host identification keys

Login Host

RSA fingerprint

ED25519 fingerprint










The ssh host identification key of has recently been changed on 1st August 2018!

Access to DESY Hamburg hosts from outside is possible using

Some examples how to use ssh/scp:

ssh -l account
scp *
scp'*' .
scp -r .

More info about the ssh and scp see also IT (DESY).

2. Web based client

Only for the case that you don't have a chance to use a local client we offer this service. Be aware that the terminal emulation is limited, so special character support, esc sequences and menu driven software may not work as expected. The link will open a new browser window.