Video/Phone Conference and Webcast Service at Zeuthen

1. Video/Phone conferences
2. Information and reservation of the rooms
3. Web Videoconferences

1. Video/Phone conferences

Technical support for meetings, workshops, conferences and courses is provided by DV group. It includes on-site support, assistance with configuration of Video/Phone conferences as well as the "Live Video Streaming" and video recording.

To participate in video conferences some permanently equipped video conferencing rooms are available. The systems should be operated by the conference participants themselves.
The conferencing systems in 2R09, 2L25, SR1,SR4, SR5 (Villa), SR7 and SR8 can be booked by members of all groups. The video conferencing system in the control room 1K03 is allocated to PITZ only. On demand DV can prepare a video conferencing system in SR3. Technical training for the operating user will be provided.

For audio only conferences phone conferencing systems are available in 2R09, 2P06, SR4, SR5 (Villa), SR8 and the control rooms 1K03 and 2L25. On demand a phone conferencing system can be provided in SR1.

Technical support:


Daniel Neubert
Rico Lindemann
Christian Schulz

+49 33762 7 7557
+49 33762 7 7526
+49 33762 7 7550

2. Information and reservation of the rooms

The web page Raumverwaltung Zeuthen shows a summary of the rooms and their technical equipment (only for DESY staff) as well as an occupancy overview and a reservation form.

3. Web Videoconferences

  • Cisco Meeting Server
  • Zoom, please contact Katrin Varschen to get a ZOOM license for you or for your group.
  • DFNconf

You can find detailed information about these web conference tools on the web page Webconferences.