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Password Policy

Password Policy at DESY

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Password Policy at DESY

Changing the Password

Changing the password can be done with the DESY registry.
It can only be reached within the DESY-Intranet via the Registry Webinterface.
Under Linux you can change your password via the command passwd.
The new password is checked as follows Password Requirements.
If an account was locked the user needs to contact UCO.

Requirements for Passwords to be accepted

Password Aging

It is necessary to change the password for every account at least every 6 months (180 days). Therefore every night a cron job is checking the age of all passwords and sends an e-mail to those users whose password age reached certain limits.
If a user doesn't change the password before expiring date, we lock the account for security reasons. The user gets this message several times before the expiring date.
If a user has gotten a new account or if his password was reset by the system administrator the user needs to change this first password within 5 days. We recommend, though, to do this immediately. To get the expiring date of your password you may use the command:
Your password will expire on Tuesday, 30th of August, 2022

If an account was locked the user needs to contact UCO.