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Welcome to Zeuthen

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User Account

In order to get access to DESY computers and corresponding rights, you need a DESY user account. At DESY, the user regulations for information processing systems apply.
Registration forms are available in the secretary's office or on the above website. The form must be filled out completely and signed by the user and the group representative! 


The security of a new password is checked on all systems. Passwords that do not meet the requirements for passwords will be rejected. The initial password or the new one set by the administrator has a validity of 5 days. If you have changed it, it is valid for 180 days.

To change your password, you can use the DESY Registry. The registry is only accessible in the DESY intranet via the website: https://registry.desy.de/registry
Under unix / Linux, macOS and windows you can change your password with the command passwd.
Outside of DESY please use an SSH connection:

ssh <account>@warp.zeuthen.desy.de

In both cases the password will be changed for all specified systems. Please change your password only in the ways described here! Passwords should never be stored in applications such as web browsers for security reasons. Password changes via the Windows dialog are not possible.


Do not share this password with anyone!
UCO employees will NEVER ask you for your password!


Each user is automatically assigned an e-mail address. It always consists of the first and last name of the user:  firstname.lastname@desy.de

It is strongly recommended to share only this email address as a contact address. You can read your e-mails via the following website: https://mail.desy.de
Detailed information about the e-mail service

Under Unix/Linux the following e-mail programs are provided: Thunderbird, Evolution. Here are further explanations about the basic configuration of the e-mail programs.

Under Windows, the following e-mail programs are provided, which can be installed preconfigured via the DSM Software Shop:
Outlook (MS Office), Thunderbird

PC equipment and acquisition in Zeuthen

If you need a new PC/laptop or monitor, please contact your group representative and fill out the form Request for a PC/Notebook/Monitor with him/her.

The standard DESY PC/notebook comes with an Ubuntu - or Windows 10 - installation. In case of problems with your hardware, please contact us by e-mail at uco-zn@desy.de.

Available software

With the Unix commands apropos, which or the key sequence <one letter,Tab key> you get e.g. information about installed programs. Apart from the software provided by the system, additional software is available with the command module avail zu finden.

The software under Windows is made available at DESY via the DSM Software Shop, a network-based installation tool. The DSM Software Shop is divided into different categories. Access to the DSM Software Shop is via:
Start -> DSM Software Shop

Once you have selected a program and clicked on the "install" button, the installation will take place on your PC automatically. No admin rights are required.

MacOS is not provided centrally by DESY. Here you can find more information about macOS at DESY.
Software management for macOS is done via the DESY Munki Store.

After installing Munki you can install the software provided there on your computer.

Printing / Copying / Scanning

Most printers and multifunction devices are available as network devices. Printing is controlled via the ZNCUPS print server.
list of network printers and other information

Scans from multifunctional systems can be sent by e-mail only to DESY internal e-mail addresses.

On Linux you can set the default printer depending on your login shell in .zprofile with export LPDEST=<printer name> or in .login with setenv LPDEST <printer name>.

Under Windows you can connect to a network printer as follows:
Enter \\adzprint in the search field.
Then press the Enter key and select a network printer from the displayed list by "double-clicking". Computers that are registered in the guest network can also use our printing service.

notes for printing on macOS


Before a device can be connected to the internal DESY network, it must be checked to ensure that it is free of viruses or other malware. Please proceed according to the security guidelines on the web pages:
system connected to internal network
basis of operational data protection (German)

Under DESY Windows, the McAfee virus scanner is installed by default. It runs in the background and receives its updates automatically.

The DESY intranet and the guest network are protected by a firewall. Only selected services provided in the intranet can be accessed from the Internet or from the guest network.


All offices are equipped with network connections. These are enabled for already connected PCs and blocked for other devices. DESY notebooks can be connected to free network ports. Private notebooks can be operated at free network ports after registration (see notebook registration/guest network). In case of problems with network connections, please contact us by mail at uco-zn@desy.de.

WLAN is available almost everywhere on the DESY site in Zeuthen. After successful registration of your device, you have mobile access to the Internet/intranet. More information about WLAN

Notebook Registration

Eduroam can be used by guests whose home institute offers this as a service. No further registration with DESY is necessary.
DESY employees can also participate in this project. Please contact uco uco-zn@desy.de to obtain a WLAN account. further information

Every user who has a DESY user account can register notebooks via the web interface.
However, this guest network is unencrypted, which is why a connection to eduroam should be preferred.
For both guest networks, you get full Internet access but only limited access to DESY resources.

Only DESY devices get access to the internal DESY network. You can find all the information on our notebook registration website.

Storage Options

All data stored on the local hard disk - regardless of the system you are using - will not be saved in the backup.
Please note that the home directory is only for your personal data. Please save "work data" to an appropriate group directory.

In UNIX/Linux the AFS home directory has a quota of 500 MB by default and can be increased to max. 2 GB on request. 
/afs/ifh.de/user/<initial>/<user> available. z. B. /afs/ifh.de/user/t/testuser
more information about afs

Additionally, your group administrator can provide you with group storage in AFS or Lustre.

In Windows and Samba for MAC each user account receives a quota of 5 GB in its home directory.
\\win.desy.de\home\<username> or on DESY Windows devices drive H:\

Every Mac user can connect his Windows home directory or the Windows group directory via smb. A network connection to the DESY intranet is required for this.


DESY sync & share is an online storage service to easily and quickly store data, share it with others and access it from anywhere. 

Large-Scale Computing

The data center offers users extensive computing capacity on our batch system.

Access from outside

Unix / Linux
From outside you can log in via ssh on our clusters warp.zeuthen.desy.de or pub.zeuthen.desy.de: When using 'warp', an ssh tunnel to a workgroup server of your group is automatically established.

If you want to connect to DESY from a Windows computer, you need an ssh client. In a current Windows 10 operating system, this ssh client is already integrated.
Detailed information about remote access via ssh can be found on our website.

Access to remote desktop service

The Remote Desktop Service, formerly known as Terminal Server, provides Windows desktops with applications managed centrally on a server. This service is especially intended for users who do not have a Windows 10 PC themselves. If you would like to use this service, you can connect via uco-zn@desy.de and request an activation.
more information about the terminal services

Communication Tools

Various video conferencing tools are available for communication purposes.

In addition, there is a DESY-wide messenger/chat service.

You can find further interesting information on our service website.
Please contact uco-zn@desy.de if you have problems, questions or hints concerning the information technology at DESY in Zeuthen.