Backup and Archiving at DESY Zeuthen

What is in the backup ?

    • Data in registered AFS volumes
    • Data in registered central filesystems under WINDOWS

How long are data kept in the backup ?

... under AFS

    • Data in AFS directories are kept for at least 6 months in the backup.

... under Windows

    • from files that still exist in your directories 20 versions are kept in the backup
    • from files that have been deleted from your directories 19 versions are kept for 90 days
    • and the last version is kept for 365 days

How to restore data ?

For data in AFS volumes please read the following documentation. You can also ask the afs administrator of your group for help.


For up to 3 days old data under WINDOWS you may access shadow copies which are produced outside TSM. To restore more than 3 days old data please contact For detailed information please read:


Also contact for:

    • restore archived data
    • create a new archive