Batch System Usage

This pages contain information about the batch system and its usage. At DESY Zeuthen we use the batch system Univa Grid Engine 8.6.7.


New Grafana-based status dashboard available

Batch system software was updated to Univa Grid Engine version 8.6.7

The whole batch farm has been migrated to SL7! There are no longer nodes available running SL6. If your jobs still depend it, please use Singularity

Known SGE Bugs

Currently non known.

More documentation

  • The official vendor's user documentation is available on every submission node at /usr/gridengine/doc/UsersGuideGE.pdf.
  • Technical seminar presentation: Grid Engine - The Batch System for DESY
  • Have also a look at the man pages of grid engine commands.

In case of problems, please send an email to