UCO - User Consulting Office

In case of problems, questions or hints concerning the information technology at DESY in Zeuthen please contact uco-zn@desy.de.

All requests and problems, which are sent to UCO will be collected by an E-Mail-Management-System (Request-Tracker) and will be delivered to 15 persons of our group.The processing of your requests is observed by UCO.
We need the following information to solve your problems efficiently:
  1. name of the requestor
  2. room number
  3. Which operating system is running?
  4. On which machine does the error occur?
  5. in case of software problems: Which software are you using?
  6. attachment: error message of your problem
Please formulate your requests clearly!

We provide the following documentation and data storage devices:

  CD-ROMs, DVDs and USB sticks


contact person: Susann Thiessat
phone: 7-7324
room: 1R21

Information for new colleagues

For introduction and finding an easier way to the complex computer environment at DESY, we have summarized the most important aspects and references for you on the following web pages:

If you need an account on DESY Zeuthen or you would use remote access service please fill out these