AFS User Guide

1. Cell Name in DESY Zeuthen
2. AFS Home Directories in DESY Zeuthen
3. AFS Backup/Recover at DESY Zeuthen
4. acrontab
5. Introduction to AFS (DESY in Hamburg)
6. Further Readings

1. Cell Name in DESY Zeuthen

The DESY Zeuthen cell name is

2. AFS Home Directories

All users have an AFS home directory.
A user with account name testuser has the following AFS Home Directory: /afs/
You can have up to 2 Gigabyte quota. Please contact for increasing.

To have an AFS home directory has a lot of advantages:

  • better support for setting permissions
  • this home is available at DESY Hamburg, CERN and other sites which support AFS

There are some things to know:

  • AFS file access control is by directory, but more flexible and done with fs setacl instead of chmod.
  • Although Unix file access rights are still visible, most will be ignored by AFS.
  • More information about usage of storage recources in AFS.

An AFS token is needed to access anything in AFS that's not (literally!) world-readable. This AFS token has a lifetime of about 25 hours. You get this during the normal login, using kinit. A screensaver activated your xsession. With klist or tokens you can see the current tickets/tokens.

Hence there are some inconveniences when you want processes of yours to run unattended (cron- or background- jobs):
If they need access to your home directory (which is sometimes hard to avoid), they need a valid AFS token. Facilities like acrontab and the Batch System take care of that.

3. AFS Backup/Recover at DESY Zeuthen

Information about recover of complete volumes and individual files or directories.

4. acrontab

The acrontab command allows scheduling of cron jobs with valid AFS tokens.

5. Introduction to AFS


6. Further Readings